TeePeePictograph Cave site and Chief Plenty Coups Home site

You will explore two different cultures time frames on this tour. They are the ancient ones that used the caves more than 2100 years ago and the Crow Nation that arrive an estimated time of 600 years ago. This tour takes us back to Mammoth hunters that used the caves for story telling and shelter. Some of these paintings or pictographs are still visible. This archaeology site has unearthed some 30,000 artifacts ranging from stone tools and weapons and the wall paintings.  The interpretation is still subject to great debate. The caves are carved from Eagle sandstone cliffs by force of water and wind. A short paved hike will take us to all three caves (over hangs) plus a rest break in the new interpretive center.

Just 35 miles from the caves and situated within the Crow Reservation at the foothills of the Pryor Mountains, where the wild mustangs live and the legends of the Little People, is the home of Chief Plenty Coups. Here is where the natives are known as the Mountain Crow. As a young boy, he fought in the battle of the Little Big Horn. After his death in 1932, the Crow nation choose to have tribal leadership because no one man could replace Chief Plenty Coups. You will tour the original home site, burial ground, drink from the medicine springs, and visit the apple orchard that he planted 115 years ago and the cultural center that tells more of the history and life style of the Crow Nation. Chief Plenty Coups' log home and store remain as evidence of the chief's efforts to lead his people in adopting the lifestyle of the white man. This land has become a national memorial to his peace efforts and to the Crow People.

Highlights Include:

  • Medicine Springs
  • Three Mountain Ranges 
  • Log Home
  • Sweat Lodge 
  • Teepees /Caves

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