Murder Mysteries for Performance

Book your Murder Mystery Event today! Located in a downtown Billings, MT antique shop October-November you and your friends can solve one of ten thrilling mysteries (mysteries differ based on the size of group) over brunch or with appetizers and wine.

Enjoy the puzzling plot while taking on a villain or a heroine persona. Simple costumes are provided or come in character if you wish. A guaranteed fun time while your mind runs amok with false solutions and guesses. A guest has never left without a smile!

The mysteries are available year round and can add a holiday theme. You and your friends can solve one of ten thrilling mysteries. Mysteries themes differ based on the size of the group and can be over brunch or in the evening with appetizers and wine. This is your ticket to having fun.

Authors Bio:

Jean Posusta, author extraordinaire, has produced and directed the above performances for 15 years. Jean is the author of “Twisted Winds of Verango”, a romance novel under pseudonym, Roxanne Phillistine, and “Hope We Don’t Go to Paulette’s Soon”, a comedic mystery. As a journalism writer she was a key contributor for the Montana magazine, “Rocky Mountain 3”, and dedicated a book to Hospice about the death and dying experience for families, “It Just Doesn’t Make Any Sense.” Jean also has multiple notorieties with her poems, calendars, odes, and newspaper submissions. Murder Mysteries for Performance is her fun sideline. She enjoys writing parts for particular individuals; makes the ‘acting’ fun, fills the roles with identifiable characters, and throws in lots of puns to just keep you off your game in the mystery’s solution.