Presented by the Yellowstone Historical Society

This October 12th 2019, YHS is featuring 6 unsolved historical mysteries. We will be exploring the ruins of the Eastern Montana Prison, where you will learn about the fate of the prison that never was. Take a trip back in time to one of the best know Hot Spots in town, the infamous Elmo Club. Learn about that funny Octagon House on 6thAve North, why is it there and where did it come from….and is it Haunted? Did Wm Clark sit on the rims in 1806 and leave his signature behind? Come see for yourself!  There is a very haunting pictograph of a Face on the Rims, it appears to be crying, come learn the tragic theory behind the Face! There was a brutal murder in a busy downtown business…without a single witness. See if there are clues today about the unsolved 1924 Ax Murder of a Barber and his wife. These are the 6 Mysteries you will travel around Billings to see.

There will be History Sleuths, AKA Local Historians, at each location from 10am to 2pm Saturday Oct 12th.  At Each location the historians will tell you the history and the mystery. You travel at your own pace with your friends and family. Starting location and travel route are on your tickets.  Tickets are only $20.00 per carload.  Tickets available by booking through Montana Fun Adventures or at all 3 G’s Convenience Stores in Billings Montana.

YHS is a nonprofit dedicated to the preservation and education of Yellowstone Area History.   

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Cancellation Policy

48 hour cancellation notice for full refund by email or phone call. Under 48 hours full tour price will be charged. The exception is all Jeep tours, Crow Fair, and one day Yellowstone National Park tour is 7 days cancellation for full refund. Under 7 days full tour price will be charged.

The two day Yellowstone National Park tour needs a 35 days notice of cancellation for full refund. Under 35 days full tour price will be charged.