Join us for tales of the dark side of Billings

Underground Stream Tunnel
Underground Stream Tunnel

Hang on to your seats while we tour the site of the notorious China Alley, Where no other tour dares to go. You will learn about cleverly disguised opium dens if the 1920's and about spooky tunnels under downtown Billings streets. Take this trip into the twilight-zone, if you dare! Hear tales of the dark side of Billings' past of rum runners, ghostly ladies of the night, and site of Billings one and only lynching. There just maybe unexpected stops!!!

Narrator: Karen Stevens author of "Haunted Montana" More Haunted Montana" and "Glacier's Ghost Stories".

Note about your Guide: Retired Montana Librarian, Karen Stevens is a certified ghost hunter and she’s found all kinds of ghosts in the Treasure State. Karen has personally investigated each haunting and interviewed eyewitnesses to the paranormal sights and sounds. Extended research of haunted downtown sites for the tours and her books has lead to refreshed stories of Billings wild and wicked side. Karen Stevens will narrate the tours and have book sales and signing after each tour.

Join us in the lobby of the historic haunted Dude Rancher Inn for ghostly treats before we depart on our heated bus tour.